SPACs and Master SPACs

Special Purpose Acquisition Company Issuance (the IPO of SPACs)

Similarly to our IPO model, our involvement is deep, consistent, end-to-end and aligned through equity participation, requiring only a measured upfront payment of US$5 to US$10m (varies as it depends if the SPAC requires one or two cornerstone sponsors). We are also often instrumental in assembling the right management team, which is a key element to a SPAC’s potential success. We equally are often called upon to offer a good SPAC theme as the success of a future SPAC is also determined by the marketability of the chosen investment focus. For this reason Swiss Financiers Inc. has prepared over 60 Turnkey SPACs that are already Incorporated in the USA, have a dedicated website and have the base of their SEC filing ready. Furthermore, we have developed a range of innovative SPAC methods that range from Mini SPACs that offers SPACs at a reduced price by doing a Regulation A+ Issue (instead of a Regulation S-1 or F-1 Initial Public Offering) to Master SPACs which acquirers the target underlying private companies by funding an IPO to execute the transaction (rather than through a merger or a private purchase). These cutting edge techniques, amongst others allow Swiss Financiers' Inc. to offer leading and particular circuits to capital raising.

Swiss Financiers Inc. is the deal maker for SPACs :

Swiss Financiers Inc. manages the SPAC process from the sponsor identification to the inception of the Special Purpose Vehicle to the public market listing and De-SPAC process.

We Provide :
  • SPAC sponsor Identification
  • Roadshow and investors identification.
  • SPAC blind trust management and transaction management.
  • Sponsor fees management

Swiss Financiers Inc. is the creator of the Master SPAC:

Swiss Financiers Inc. Master SPAC is an innovative SPAC solution.

The legal framework designed by Swiss Financiers Inc. expertise allows the Master SPAC to acquire targets and provide the SPAC investor a solution to capture the value multiple during the shift from private to public markets generated. This multiple in value is lost without this framework of all other SPAC offerings.

The Master SPAC combines an acquisition through the financing of an IPO, which solves the main downside of a classic SPAC which loses the multiples generated by an IPO. In the Master SPAC model, the Target acquired by the SPAC is acquired IPO financing. The Master SPAC model is based on the IPO financing investment legal framework published In the who’s who legal

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