Financing the IPO costs through Equity solutions

Taking a company public demands a certain amount of disposable cash that often is considered a high barrier to entry.

By using Swiss Financiers Inc. proprietary Incremental Business Method, we are able to manage a fundraising process effectively to finance the costs of an IPO.

We have a proven track record of using our method to raise capital effectively. Up until 1995 there was only the funding rounds method to sell shares of a non-listed company. This method was exclusively used each time a company needed to distribute securities. The price was fixed according to the current state and valuation of the issuing company.

Swiss Financiers Inc. patent pending Incremental Price Method

The Incremental Price Method differs from the funding round method and has many advantages :

    1. The issue of securities is divided into three to five tranches
    2. The price of each tranche increases by at least 30% more than the previous one
    3. When a tranche is sold, the investors who want or needs to exit can sell shares at a profit to new investors at the same new price or at a slightly lower price to incentivize the transaction.

The main advantage is that if the company is mismanaged, could not achieve its initial objectives or is simply running out of money new investors will still buy the new shares of stock at a higher price than the earlier investors who took the biggest risk.

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Swiss Financiers Inc. Pre-IPO Matching Funds services

Through its extensive financial network Swiss Financiers Inc. is able to organize the book-running of a matching funds process by which the capital raised is doubled through private placements to accredited investors and/or institutions prior to the IPO. 

Swiss Financiers Inc. active network of accredited investors ensures a high success rate for its Pre-IPO Matching Funds services.

Financing the IPO costs with Debt

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