We are highly specialized in Initial Public Offerings

With a strong focus on the NASDAQ and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Undertaking an initial public offering can project your company to the next level. Swiss Financiers will  help and support you with the right insights to make the right moves & at the right times to leverage your business to its full potential.

With us, access the right capital to fuel the future of your business. 

If you’re considering taking your company public, this important decision will truly transform the way you are currently doing business. While a public company faces greater public scrutiny and regulations, it also secures access to more and deeper sources of capital. 

How do you get there? And how do you know if it’s the right path to capital for you?

Our dedicated team of  IPO professionals will advise you during this reflexion as you weight through the pros and cons of  the additional requirements and obligations of going public. We will provide you with an appropriate plan and method to help ensure you’re on the path to success at every steps of the way.

Swiss Financiers clear proprietary framework for going public services your organization and strengthens your strategy to raise awareness and capital. Swiss Financiers IPO services brings together an integrated set of capabilities to help you as you prepare your company for your listing on the public markets.

Swiss Financiers provides a wide range of services to manage clients as they progress towards their IPO and organize themselves to become a listed company

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of capital markets requirements
  • Extensive connections with established financial institutions around the world
  • Extensive experience in corporate governance matters.
  • Perform a thorough review of your company
  • Decide on the corporate and management structures needed
  • Assemble the teams: internal and external
  • Develop a timeline and framework for an efficient IPO
  • Develop the offering:

  • The type of securities to be issued
  • The number of securities to be issued
  • The price at which they will be issued
  • The exchanges where the securities will be listed.
  • Prepare your preliminary prospectus
  • Underwriters' due diligence and auction process
  • Apply for a stock exchange listing 
  • Pricing of the securities
  • Finalization of filing documentation
  • Closing & ringing of the bell for the first day of trading ! 
  • Swiss Financiers provides a wide range of state of the art services to address all issues faced by clients on their journey towards a successful IPO

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