Initial Public Offering issuance (Traditional IPOs).

Using our unique, innovative and proprietary approach, based on decades of experience and a genuine drive to do better for our issuers, we help private companies obtain public funding. We lead companies at every step of the way, from pre-IPO funding to IPO preparation, placement and beyond. We have developed and patented certain business methods that allows us to offer unique services. These methods such as, but not limited to; the Cascading IPO or SPAC for Venture Capitalization, the IPO and SPAC Wagon Business Method, the Master SPAC for Venture Capitalization, the Mini SPAC method, the Intellectual Property Securitization System and Methods or the Incremental Price Method for Capital Funding. We provide a one-stop-shop with full transparency, no hidden agendas and no hidden costs with third-party vendors. Our tariff consists of an upfront payment of US$ 5m that consolidates all expenses and coordinate all activities under the Swiss Financiers' Inc. umbrella. With US$ 5m we can raise up to US$100m and can structure when appropriate, the need for subsequent funding through an identified and disclosed carve-out of Pre-IPO and Mezzanine underwriting that we organize as part of our services. Please not that one of the key element of our model is our own equity participation which ensures close alignment and involvement throughout.
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Swiss Financiers Inc. provides a wide range of services to manage clients as they progress towards their IPO and organize themselves to become a listed company

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of capital markets requirements
  • Extensive connections with established financial institutions around the world
  • Extensive experience in corporate governance matters.
  • Perform a thorough review of your company
  • Decide on the corporate and management structures needed
  • Assemble the teams: internal and external
  • Develop a timeline and framework for an efficient IPO

Develop the offering:

  • The type of securities to be issued
  • The number of securities to be issued
  • The price at which they will be issued
  • The exchanges where the securities will be listed.
  • Prepare your preliminary prospectus
  • Underwriters' due diligence and auction process
  • Apply for a stock exchange listing
  • Pricing of the securities
  • Finalization of filing documentation
  • Closing & ringing of the bell for the first day of trading !

Swiss Financiers Inc. provides a wide range of state of the art services to address all issues faced by clients on their journey towards a successful IPO

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