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The first Fin-Tech that incubates and orchestrates IPOs from financing to listing

We are dealmakers orchestrating the traditional IPO process or the SPAC process

Swiss Financiers Inc. (SFI) specialises in bringing private companies to the public markets through Traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO) or through the IPO of a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC).

Through our collective experience we have been in the business of listing companies since 1986. Our partners have accumulated many decades of the best-in-class practices at the very top of their respective fields which has therefore provided us with the knowledge, experience, network and perspective to formulate and offer a better service model than presently available. Our Control Tower approach of monitoring all aspects of the processes through our exclusive platform truly benefits Issuers in very demonstrable ways by fully aligning economic interests. In other words, we sit on the same side of the table as issuers and we quicken the listing process through time-cost-effective patented business methods and home grown proprietary software called Fast track and Tail, so as to provide issuers with unique, expeditive and transparent routes to the Capital Markets. Furthermore we provide distinctive Pre-IPO services and implement our in-house methods to format companies to be readily accepted by investors and by the markets alike. We ensure traction by promoting companies to our extensive network of accredited investors and business partners in order to build momentum that is key to any successful listing and ensure post IPO life to maintain the relevance of our new issues.

What are the drivers to going public:

  • To provide an exit for early investors – whether the company is PE or VC-owned, or owned by a small group of individuals
  • To raise capital for growth and to pay down historic debt
  • To boost the value of a business – most private companies’ are not highly valued as the matrix used are conservative, once listed however the market will define value, often forward looking rather than balance sheet based, making it much easier to acquire other companies using their own stock and obtain more access to debt to do deals
  • To incentives staff – an IPO on the horizon makes employees more loyal and work significantly harder
  • To market the business – especially for lesser-known companies, an IPO is a great way to increase prestige and visibility to attract new investors, partners, and customers
  • To raise liquidity creating a big cash event for the business Many early investors will exit before IPO via the secondary exchanges as their pre-IPO shares gain value
  • To raise money without necessarily loosing control of the majority
  • To comply with the 500-shareholder rule in the US that demands that any business with many shareholders goes public

Swiss Financiers Inc. Partners have:

  • Listed 181 successful IPOs on major International Securities Exchanges
  • Orchestrated Debt and Mezzanine Capital Financing for multiple billions
  • An active deal flow of companies ready to go public
  • Developed Patent Pending Business Methods to accelerate and improve the process of Initial Public Offering

Co-Sponsor Investment

Special Purpose Acquisition Company Issuance (the IPO of SPACs) Similarly to our IPO model, our involvement is deep, consistent, end-to-end and aligned through equity participation,

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The SPAC Conference 2021

The largest forum for networking and discussion of special purpose acquisition companies and alternative IPO techniques.

Westchester Country Club | Rye, New York
June 23-24, 2021

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