About us

Swiss Financiers Inc. is particularly designed to support entrepreneur-driven companies. Our unique market position as a dealmaker is at the crossroads of advisory, debt and investment banking, without competing with them.

Swiss Financiers Inc. orchestrates Companies' requirements for capital through Initial Public Offering (IPO), by financing and managing the listing process on security stock markets. The cost of going public is financed either through debt and/or equity.

We are able to fast-track the process by which Companies gain access to public funding on the securities market with our fin-tech platform.

Swiss Financiers Inc. was established in Delaware in November 2018 to provide best of class services to list companies on the public markets efficiently and successfully. Swiss Financiers Inc. has two office locations; New York, U.S.A and Geneva Switzerland.

Our Unique Business Proposal :

Our Unique Business Proposal consists in several patent pending methods and decades of experience of successfully listing businesses on the public security markets.

Our disruptive platform is designed to offer double digit returns due to the value created by the shift from early stage to public securities markets.

We modernize the processes to improve cost efficiency, notably on the Nasdaq. It allows stock options holders to sell their shares on the public market to interested institutional and retail buyers with improved ease.

Incremental Price Method

Our proprietary Incremental Price Method allows the issuing company to sell shares at defined ascending prices that benefits previous investors. The Incremental Price Method is intended benefit the earlier investors by selling the shares at lower fairer price to improve their risk/reward ratio.

Together with the Issuer’s Management, we define the share/price matrix which will reflects aligned interests with investors based on pre- determined Company growth objectives over time.

The IPO Incubator Method

SFI’s IPO Incubator structure is the foundation on which Swiss Financiers Inc. is built.

Our Fin-Tech platform accompanies selected businesses by funding IPO costs through Mezzanine Debt and/or Equity Capital. Furthermore, SFI orchestrates the process of taking private security issuing companies to the public securities markets.

SFI offers an all-in service covering the complex IPO process of quoting businesses on securities market.

Perpetual Corporation Structure

We implement a business structure to facilitate a long term financing with a “Perpetual Corporation Structure”.

We orchestrate an Initial Public Offering in which larger capital requirements are requested from investors in the equities market to generate a perpetual income from financial instruments independently from its core business. This ensures the strengthening and long term perspective of the company. This extra block of funds are raised and reserved to be invested exclusively and solely in long term viable assets yielding income covering corporate needs. By implementing a Perpetual Corporation Structure the company’s balance sheet are anchored over time.

Public Securities Key Market Figures :

  • In 2019 the total number of IPOs worldwide reached 1’115 companies with 213 IPOs on the U.S. markets alone
  • The total global proceed of IPOs for 2019 represents $198B, of which $53.9B were done on the U.S markets1
  • The EBITDA multiples of the Investment Banking & Brokerage Services sector are just over 20X

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