Financing the Costs of an IPO with Debt

Swiss Financiers Inc. has developed solutions to support businesses that are seeking a listing. Candidate companies are appraised to assess eligibility.
We take on mandates that other Investment Banks would not consider. We conduct our business as partners accompanying elected companies to IPOs. 

We thrive on serving the underbanked.

IPO Debt Financing solution provides the liquidity to cover the costs of going public.

Through Mezzanine Capital Financing we guide the company in structuring a subordinated debt that often represents the most junior portion of a company’s capital structure, but that is still senior to the company’s common equity.

We provide this form of financing in order to provide cash-in-hand to cover needs of ongoing operations and finance the Initial Public Offering costs and its implementation expenses. 

Clients of our IPO Debt Financing  solutions gain access to high yield lenders. Companies can borrow additional capital beyond their current level of debt. In compensation for the increased risk, debt holders require a higher return for their investment than secured or other more senior lenders.

Financing the IPO Costs with Equity

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