Co-Sponsor Investment

Swiss Financiers enable accredited investors such as institutions and high net worth individuals to invest as co-sponsors of a SPAC, so they enjoy a much lower acquisition price per share and make a profit at the time of the IPO. 

Financing IPO Costs

Financing IPO

IPO Cost Financing is one of the key building blocks of Swiss Financiers Taking a company public demands a certain amount of disposable cash that is often considered a high barrier to entry. At Swiss Financiers we have the experience to drive and manage the financing requirements to go public on securities markets through transaction … Read more

Initial Public Offering – IPO

Initial Public Offering IPO

We are highly specialized in Initial Public Offerings With a strong focus on the NASDAQ and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Undertaking an initial public offering can project your company to the next level. Swiss Financiers will  help and support you with the right insights to make the right moves & at the right times … Read more