Financing IPO Costs through Debt

Financing the Costs of an IPO with Debt Swiss Financiers has developed solutions to support businesses that are seeking a listing. Candidate companies are appraised to assess eligibility.We take on mandates that other Investment Banks would not consider. We conduct our business as partners accompanying elected companies to IPOs.  We thrive on serving the underbanked. … Read more

Expertise in Financing through Priviledged Access to Financial Markets

Startups and businesses with poor credit often have few places to turn to for financing help.

Banks turn them down, venture capitalists take control of the business and investment bankers are simply not interested.

We specialize in private financing engineering by providing a defined timeline of exit for the investor through a faster way to the Initial Public Offering.

Understanding Equity Financing

IPO Equity Financing allows qualified investors to deploy capital into unique Private Equity opportunities. Swiss Financiers has access to a quality pipeline of off-market projects from our network of forward thinkers and pioneers. We target businesses where our team has identified the most merit and potential for sustained growth. The industries can vary but the … Read more