Centered around two pillars of partnership and innovation.

Swiss Financiers team has demonstrated track record of success in driving growth and innovation is a result of our focus on delivering superior value centered around open, collaborative and respectful partnerships. Our values reflect our commitment and entrepreneurial approach to these partnerships.

Superior Values​

Seek to deliver excellent services and  results at our  partner companies and superior investment results for our shareholders

Strong Partnerships

Develop and maintain close and long-term relationships with our clients, shareholders, company executives and valued colleagues 


Build trust by being transparent with our partners and clients and taking responsibility for our actions, decisions and results

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Have a bias for action and focus on what we believe makes a significant impact.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Draw upon the diverse strengths of team members to help create exceptional outcomes

Respect and Fun

Our fundamental values allow us to balance seemingly divergent ideas to create an environment that fosters excellence.

We believe that we can be successful yet humble. Competitive yet approachable. 

We have extremely high expectations of our team and partner companies, yet give them the authority and responsibility to empower them to execute and succeed. 

We truly live these values each day, and they have manifested themselves in making Swiss Financiers a unique partner to grow your business.