Swiss Financiers Unique Selling Proposition is based on two patent pending business methods and decades of experience of efficiently listing businesses on the stock markets.

Howard Hughes' Wagons Theory applied to IPOs

Swiss Financiers’  Wagons Method is designed for  « old » startups looking for novel sources of financing.
SFI has developed a business process that lists a pioneering company that drives other listings  behind its path finding trail, simplifying the complex process of taking companies to the public market.
SFI’s IPO platform provides the necessary liquidity to companies to allow them to finance the cost of going public. Our method raises capital and allow early shareholders to exit in a more time effective manner.
Our patent pending method streamlines and simplifies the IPO process. 
With our platform, startup shareholders’ generate faster returns on their equity thanks to the liquidity that our method generates.
Our approach is designed to modernize the processes so as to eliminate unnecessary costs to efficiently list businesses on the Nasdaq. It allows employees with stock options to sell their shares on the public market to interested institutional and retail buyers with improved ease.
The financing of the IPO costs is a new financial service that we provide to selected and approved companies. Swiss Financiers Inc. has built its patent pending Business Model on a theory initially invented by the great Howard Hughes called the ‘Wagons Theory’ allowing a group of businesses to benefit from the leverage of the most performing company of a group of elected companies in order to obtain the best financing for the lesser performing companies of the group. 
Marc Deschenaux, one of the co-founders of SFI adapted this theory to IPOs and filed a business process patent with this unique Business Method. 
When applied to IPOs, the Wagons Theory allows Swiss Financiers to finance the cost of going public to partner companies by creating “a Train” of IPOs.  
With our method , Swiss Financiers is in a singular position to provide an alternative solution to go public and to finance companies that are usually left behind by investment banks’ high barrier to entry criteria.

The Incremental Share Price Method

The principal obstacle to raising money is that early investors incur higher risk than subsequent entering investors. To offset this higher risk it is necessary to offer a better deal to the early capital committed. The earliest investors do not have the advantage of knowing future Issuer results before they incur the risks associated with their investment. All fund raising is based on the general principle that the longer it takes to begin the business the more difficult it is to raise the balance of the money.
The Incremental Price Method is intended to reward the earlier investors by offering them a lower fairer price. We simplify the pricing calculations in following manner:
* The Issuer’s Management determines different objective requirements for the growth of the Issuer for particular projects over time.
* Each step results in a progressive Incremental Price tied to an important company events.
In order to determine these different steps for the investor and the Issuer, objective steps need to be set. The Issuer’s accountants are charged with determining when these objective steps have been achieved . All payments are deemed dated on the previous day based solely on the accountant’s independent determinations which are well known and respected. Subscriptions that come after an increase in price including all money transactions received after this date will be at the next higher value of pricing. This system is not intended to penalize any pending transactions. The accountants will contact the Issuer within 15 days after they render their opinion. All transactions executed before the date of such opinion, and all receipts of payment transferred before the date of communication will receive the lower valued price for the purchase of shares.