Our objective is to protect and increase the wealth of our clients by achieving superior returns while keeping investment risks to an agreed level. Swiss Financiers works with a clearly articulated investment philosophy, which revolves around the following key points Capital preservation, Diversification by asset class, geography and fund, Tactical asset allocation based on our analysis of economic cycles, valuations and market sentiment, Open architecture research platform.

Current Pipeline:

  • LakeDiamond SA Switzerland
  • Dominique Renaud SA Switzerland
  • Kunta SA Switzerland
  • Providenzia Capital SA Switzerland
  • Enoil Bionergies SA Switzerland
  • Dreamscape USA
  • Valais Perovskite Solar Switzerland
  • AlphaSonos Switzerland

Deal Flow (in Due Diligence):

  • Big Data patents for Energy efficiency in data centers
  • Shipping Container booking platform
  • Safe Mountain Teaching program
  • Vision software for optical efficiency
  • African Uber style mobile app