Intellectual Property Securitization

Intellectual Property Securities (IPLOGY Book 1)

Imagine the possibility of investing selectively in one aspect of a company, such as a single movie, song, book, patent, technology, or design you truly believe in. Picture the separation of the investment from the corporation and its human errors, like poor management or excessive spending. 

“Intellectual Property Securitization” introduces author Marc René Deschenaux’s creation of Intellectual Property Securities (IPSs). Not only does an IPS allow you to invest selectively in one project, but it accomplishes this without diluting equity or adding debt to the balance sheet of the issuer, whether a physical person or a company. 

Intellectual property (IP) as a commodity is becoming increasingly important in today’s global economy. Dive into the world of securitization and intellectual property rights. This book provides invaluable information on the risks, advantages, and legal aspects of the securitization process as a whole, pointing to specific features of IPS.  

IPSs reduce the costs of transfer of intellectual property to a fraction of their regular costs. They ensure that if you transfer a certain technology, all patents, trademarks, and other relevant intellectual properties thereto pertaining are included in said transfer. 

Finally, under many jurisdictions, IPSs allow the investor to invest directly into science through patents or into arts through copyrights, authoring, and neighboring rights; because of this, investment is tax free!