Initial Public Offering

An Introduction to IPO on Wall St

The IPO – Initial Public Offering – is one of the most complex financial transactions. Understanding the process is not easy, and far too many people, including experts, talk about the IPO without any understanding of other fields outside of their own. This informative guide was written to share real knowledge that debunks myths and fake information, as it provides real knowledge and perspectives from multiple fields and disciplines. 

Understanding the IPO requires knowledge in finance, in many national and international laws, in marketing trends analysis, in macro/micro economy, in financial public relations, in econometrics, in fundamental corporate analysis, in financial and securities markets analysis as well as in accounting, whether traditional, financial, or analytical. This book shares need-to-know information that is supported by an understand of all the fields and disciplines. It is the first book of the series that helps readers to apprehend the environment and the context in which the IPO occurs.