Finance World I

Préhistoire Définitions Concepts

“Finance World I” est le premier tome de la trilogie de Marc René Deschenaux donnant un aperçu du monde financier. Il énonce des bases, des principes et des définitions avant le deuxième volume sur les méthodes et les actions.

Marc René Deschenaux, is a Swiss jurist (non-bar lawyer) and a world renown expert in high finance, based in Geneva (Switzerland) – New York – Los Angeles (USA). His expertise covers contract law, international corporate and governmental financings organization and bank syndication, international corporate and nonprofit laws, international intellectual property law and securitization law. He is internationally considered as the world expert in Initial Public Offerings and as a reference in securities law, financing law and trading law. In his financing practice, he is highly reputed worldwide as an international financier, known for his state-of-the-art structures which resulted in 179 successful IPOs and 243 Private Offerings, around two-third mainly in Private Equity and one-third in Private Debt. He was registered as a General Securities Representative – Series 7 and General Securities Principal – Series 24 by the North American Securities Dealers Association and a member of the National Investment Banking Association. He also financed various types of operations, from import/export transactions to Real Estate Investment Trusts and organized several governments loans as well as the first national debt cancellation in the history of mankind. Marc Deschenaux is a PhD candidate in law and is a Master of Economic Law and Certified in Transnational Law from the University of Geneva and is certified as Leading with Finance from Harvard Business School.