Client: Eiffel International Corporation
Type of client: IPO Financing and IPO listing
IPO Timeframe: 12 to 24 months
Target Valuation: $20 Billion

Gustave Eiffel is the only person on earth that created and has build 2 UNESCO world heritage monuments. Eiffel Corporation promotes Eiffel techniques, know-how and heritage to the world to create the future. Eiffel Corporation is a financial entity supporting large scale project worldwide at the cross road of Construction, Architecture and Urban Planning.We are the first large scale real estate financing company fully focused on culture and heritage. Our Corporation is regrouping entities such as Eiffel Partners, Eiffel World, Eiffel World Luxembourg , and Café Eiffel Luxembourg.

 Structured under a single entity, the Eiffel Corporation regroups all companies of the Eiffel Group. With 4 projects already initiated, Eiffel International Corporation prepares financing to launch construction on these sites. Eiffel Corporation plans to guarantee ten sites simultaneously. 

About Eiffel International Corporation