Earth & Sky

Earth & Sky Corporation

Real Estate, Hospitality and Wellness

Organizer: Earth & Sky Corporation
Date: Wednesday 5th October, 2022
Time: 04:00pm

Earth & Sky Corporation’s vision is to create a unique and trusted international brand of eco-responsible boutique hotels, organic farms and extrusion and distillation plants. The boutique hotels will showcase the groups visionary approach through a complete immersion into the world of Earth & Sky, whereas the organic farms and production plants will generate Earth & Sky’s output of scalable high-end quality products for local consumption and worldwide distribution 

The underlying theme behind the Earth & Sky estates is to always make use of natural resources in an optimal way with complete environmental respect and harmony. This includes the production of energy from renewable and clean sources, the use of sustainable building and agricultural techniques, as well as the production of everything needed for consumption and care within the estates or within a reasonable proximity.

Earth & Sky promotes a healthy lifestyle to its guests and clients by allowing them to discover that health does not need to come at the expense of a certain quality or balance of life. Through the Earth & Sky approach of physical health, body-based therapies and specialized diets, guests and clients will connect or reconnect to the essentials of well-being.