Dr. Amin Halum

Dr. Amin Halum

Strategic Partner

Managing Director of MENA Region

Dr. Amin Halum is an accomplished Physician with numerous years of experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Distribution, In-Patient and Out-Patient Healthcare Operations, and Clinical Research. A diversified individual with experience in closing deals pertaining to large-scale infrastructure and superstructure development projects, new city build-outs, renewable energy, telecom, and the oil and gas sectors.

  • Executive Managing Director of SHG (USA)
  • Executive Managing Director of Sunshine Diagnostics Laboratory (USA)
  • Executive Managing Director/Owner of Horizon Pharmaceuticals (USA)
  • Executive Managing Partner of Arabian Dream (KSA)
  • Executive Managing Director of Division 5 Labs (USA)
  • A Director on the Board of Royal Pacific International (USA)
  • Executive Managing Director of International Partnerships at Valuegate Investments (KSA)
  • Vice President of International Business Development at Redwood Global Inc. (USA)

His Interest in the medical and biological sciences, coupled with his Inquisitive nature, has led him to become heavily involved In Medical Research, where he has worked alongside faculty from several reputable Universities. He has numerous research publications in esteemed scientific journals across the globe.

He has a broad range of experience in the fields of Renewable Energy, Real Estate Development, and the Oil and Gas industry. He focused on forging connections between some of the largest players within the Middle East, European, North American, and Central American markets. He has worked closely with many governments, executing major projects to solve some of the most exigent affairs faced by those countries today. He has worked on several renewable energy projects dealing very closely with some of the largest technology manufacturers worldwide, on projects such as: solar, wind, geothermal, waste to energy, and software solutions. Dr. Halum also spearheaded a Healthcare and Wellness Initiative which was presented to the White House for underserved communities across the nation. The initiative proposes to make comprehensive healthcare accessible to the masses, and lessen the disparities present in different areas across the country regarding the level of healthcare services available.