Founding a Nation: A Guide to the Foundation of an Internationally Recognized Country

Fonder une nation

Guide de la fondation d'un pays internationalement reconnu

Founding a Nation is possible. It does not mean that it is easy nor simple.Despite a rather straightforward process, it is costly, long, complex, accidented and its success is rather uncertain than determined, but it is also the Ultimate Challenge to make a difference in this world and maybe a better place.This guide aims at helping you understand the applicable international laws and principles leading to an authentic international recognition by the authorities, mainly the United Nations.Which elements does one need to create a country? What are the applicable laws? Is it possible to create a new country without a territorial war with an existing one? How much does it cost? How long does it take? Are there still pieces of land or territories not belonging to a country on this planet? How to obtain the official recognition of Nation from the other countries? How to proceed to establish a new country? Does a new country need a different currencyIs it possible to create a country that would be structured differently from a democracy or a monarchy?How about a country that would be structured as an open company, where each citizen would be a voting shareholder from birth to death, able to elect and revoke the mandate of any of the government representatives exactly like a director is in the context of a corporation?You will find in this book all the necessary answers from a non-bar international financing lawyer who is one of the `Masters of High Finance.

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