GHD Greenberg Hornblower Deschenaux & Partners LLP

International financial jurists who believe going into litigation is already a failure. GHD-LLP does not believe in solutions arising from the courts of law.
GHD-LLP’s legal team is entrepreneurial and tends to avoid litigation as much as possible.
GHD-LLP firmly believes that making money on the misery and strife of others is not a harmonious lifestyle.
This positive attitude allows GHD-LLP to be credible to GHD-LLP’s customers on important business because they know they engage a representative without enemies from past disputes unrelated to them.
GHD-LLP believes that the modern lawyer must join forces with other professions and skills such as finance, marketing & communication.

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Buying a PreIPO stock is actually investing in private equity.
So why is it completely different from Private Equity?
Because the investor does not have to believe in the issuing company but only in the difference of valuations between private and public markets.

The value creation of an IPO arises mainly from the difference of valuation models between the private and public markets.

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IPO Institute

A center of expertise about the IPO, teaching real knowledge, providing opinions, killing the myths or fake information and providing real IPO Experts knowledgeable in all of the above mentioned fields and disciplines combined.

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